Young Person's Guarantee

The Young Person’s Guarantee is a commitment to support all young people aged 16-24 into a positive destination based on their own personal circumstances and ambitions. We're working closely with partners to extend the youth employability offering to ensure that every young person has the chance to reach their full potential. The Young Person’s Guarantee helps to connect young people with opportunities for gainful employment including work experience, further education, formal volunteering or training.    

For more information please visit the Young Person’s Guarantee website or email us

The Young Person’s Guarantee in the Borders

In partnership with the Local Employability Partnership (LEP), we are helping deliver the Young Persons Guarantee through a number of key interventions.

As a council, we want to lead by example, so we're using Young Persons Guarantee money to provide Modern Apprentice opportunities across our services. These are excellent opportunities for young people in our area to work and educate themselves, and many of these MA’s gain full time employment with us and have prosperous and promising careers.

We also want to support opportunities already available to young people, and as such have enhanced and extended numerous young people that were given work placements via the DWP Kickstart Scheme.

We've collaborated with the Scottish Borders Chamber of Commerce to deliver job taster sessions for young people looking to develop their understanding of the working world in different roles and organisations across the Borders.

In an increasingly online world, navigating opportunities requires access to adequate IT equipment. To support this, we are offering Chromebooks to help young people with barriers access and navigate opportunities that can only be found online.

For more information about the Young Person’s Guarantee, email