Local Government Election 2022

The count has now ended.

All results are available below.

Additional detailed voting reports for each ward are available here


Ward 1 - Tweeddale West (announced at 9.26am)

Elected - Drummond Begg LD (Stage 3), Eric Small CON (Stage 5), Viv Thomson SNP (Stage 1)

Eliminated - Dominic Ashmole SGP, Julia Reid - LAB, John Smith - CON

Turnout - 57.4%

Ward 2 – Tweeddale East (announced at 9.52am)

Elected - Marshall Neil Douglas SNP (Stage 1), Julie Pirone CON (Stage 5), Robin Tatler IND (Stage 5)

Eliminated - Robert Bon LAB, Ellie Clarke SGP, Calum MacEwan Watt Vanguard Party championing Tweeddale, David Pye -LD

Turnout - 54.0%

Ward 3 – Galashiels and District (announced at 10.33am)

Elected - Euan Jardine CON (Stage 1), Neil Mackinnon SGP (Stage 8), Fay Sinclair SNP (Stage 1), Hannah Steel LD (Stage 8)

Eliminated- Michael Banks Vanguard Party championing Galashiels, James D W Clark SEFP, Duck Frater IND, Harry Redpath Scott IND, Bill White IND

Turnout - 39.5%

Ward 4 – Selkirkshire (announced at 11.11am)

Elected - Caroline Cochrane IND (Stage 1), Leagh Douglas CON (Stage 1), Elaine Thornton-Nicol SNP (Stage 4)

Eliminated - Gordon Edgar IND, Barbra Harvie SGP, Scott Redpath LAB

Turnout - 50.4%

Ward 5 – Leaderdale and Melrose (announced at 11.38am)

Elected - Jenny Linehan CON (Stage 2), David Parker IND (Stage 1), John Paton Day SNP (Stage 6)

Eliminated - Simon Johnson LD, Michael Needham SGP, Michael Scott LAB, Chris Stefanek - Vanguard Party championing Leaderdale and Melrose

Turnout - 51.5%

Ward 6 – Mid Berwickshire (announced at 12.19pm)

Elected - John Greenwell CON (Stage 1), Donald Moffat SNP (Stage 1), Mark Rowley CON (Stage 7)

Eliminated - Hamish Goldie-Scot - Scottish Family Party: Pro Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro Life, Yvonne Huggins-Haig LD, Gail Jackson SG, David George Smith LAB

Turnout - 48.3%

Ward 7 – East Berwickshire (announced at 12.49pm)

Elected -  James Anderson IND (Stage 8), Carol Hamilton CON (Stage 1), Aileen Orr SNP (Stage 5)

Eliminated - Peter Guthrie SGP, Lynda Jones CON, Raquel Lloyd-Jones IND, Edward Brownlie Prentice - Scottish Family Party: Pro-Family, Pro-Marriage, Pro-Life, Paul Stirton LAB

Turnout - 47.5%

Ward 8 – Kelso and District (announced at 1.22pm)

Elected - Simon Mountford CON ( Stage 7), Euan Macfarlane Robson LD (Stage 1), Tom Weatherston CON (Stage 2)

Eliminated - Wilson George LAB, Shelagh King SGP, Kenryck Lloyd-Jones LAB, Sunny Smith - Vanguard Party championing Kelso

Turnout - 46.9%

Ward 9 – Jedburgh and District (announced at 1.43pm)

Elected - Pam Brown SNP (Stage 5), Scott Hamilton CON (Stage 1), Sandy Scott CON (Stage 7)

Eliminated - John Bathgate IND, Jesse Rae IND, Yvonne Ridley AP, Charles Strang SGP

Turnout - 49.4%

Ward 10 – Hawick and Denholm (announced at 1.55pm)

Elected - Stuart Marshall IND (Stage 1), Clair Ramage IND (Stage 2), Neil Richards CON (Stage 6)

Eliminated - Trevor Adams IND, Catriona Hamilton SGP, Kay Hughes LAB

Turnout - 46.0%

Ward 11 – Hawick and Hermitage (announced at 2.22pm)

Elected - Jane Cox CON (Stage 6), Watson McAteer IND (Stage 1), Annette Smart SNP (Stage 6)

Eliminated - Kevin Ferguson SGP, Cameron Knox IND, Robert Leach LAB, Rosemary Webster LD

Turnout - 43.5%