Recycling centres, tips and dumps - Galashiels community recycling centre

Galashiels community recycling centre
Temporary opening hours
Closed on Tuesday

Weekday (Monday to Friday):

Morning: 10am-1.15pm
Afternoon: 2pm-4.45pm
Weekend (Saturday and Sunday):

Morning: 9am-1.15pm
Afternoon: 2pm-4.45pm
Temporary restrictions
Find out about all of the temporary restrictions
Langshaw Road, Easter Langlee, Galashiels, TD1 2NT
All cardboard
Gas cylinders
We are not currently accepting gas cylinders
We are not currently accepting glass at recycling centres however all other bottle banks continue to be open
All metals
All wood including chipboard (no MDF, laminates or melamine)
All garden waste and rubble
Compost pick up
Cooking oils
We are not currently accepting cooking oils
Car Waste
Batteries, waste mineral oils such as engine oil, scrap metal
We are not currently accepting textiles at recycling centres however all other textile banks continue to be open
Television sets, computer monitors, equipment with cathode ray tubes
Electrical and Electronic
Vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, Irons, toasters, fryers, coffee machines, electric can openers, electric knives, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, shavers, clocks, watches and electronic scales, printers, personal and laptop computers, mice, keyboards, electric typewriters, calculators, fax machines, phones, answering machines and games consoles, radio, video cameras, video recorders, DVD players and recorders and Hi-fi amplifiers, leisure and sports equipment, electronic musical instruments, electric trains or car racing sets, hand-held video games, video games and sports equipment with electric and electronic components, drills and other electric DIY tools, smoke detectors, heating regulators and thermostats
Large Household Appliances
Washing machines, dryers, dish washers, cookers, electric stoves, hot plates, microwaves, electric heaters and radiators, electric fans, ventilation equipment
Cooling Appliances
Fridges, freezers and air conditioner appliances
Fluorescent tubes including energy-saving light bulbs. No normal household light bulbs (filament lamps)
Reuse Cabin
Approximate Location