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Community consultation on the Chambers Institution, Peebles
Summary details
We are working with the Scottish Historic Buildings Trust to consult the local community of Peebles and Tweeddale about the future vision for the Chambers Institution in Peebles.
Full details
The first stage of this process is to gather views from as many local people as possible about the building.

A questionnaire is available for you to let us know how you use the building, what you like or don’t like about it and your thoughts on its future.

The Chambers Institution is a much loved building which been serving the community of Tweeddale since it was established by William Chambers, one of the founders of the famous publishing house, in 1859.

Based on your input, we will review how the building serves the community’s needs currently and make recommendations to allow the building to continue to be at the heart of community life so that more of the Tweeddale community can enjoy and benefit from it every day.

The Scottish Historic Buildings Trust is a charity that saves threatened historic buildings and adapts them for viable new uses in support of local communities.

In addition to the online questionnaire, staff will be in attendance at the Vision for Peebles event in the Burgh Hall, on 16 January 2016 to take people’s views.
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