Local Autism Plan - Consultations

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We wish to consult with people with autism and their parents/carers on their views of the local autism plan.
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The Scottish Government have set out their goals and recommendations for improving the quality of life for people with autism with the publication of the national strategy for autism in 2011.

The draft Scottish Borders Autism Strategy sets out the local areas of need identified through the national mapping project, conducted in 2013. The strategy will provide rationale and detail of how these priorities were identified and will be delivered in the future The autism strategy will be taken forward by NHS Borders, ourselves and partners.

We plan on holding consultation workshops across the area and will host a questionnaire to collect the views regarding the priority areas.
Ourselves and NHS Borders
Closing date
15 March 2014
Neil Hendry (neil.hendry@aiscotland.org.uk)
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