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Conservation Area
Conservation Area Statement
Lauder Conservation Area includes a considerable part of the settlement and is one of the best preserved examples of an historic burgh in Scotland.

Despite the expansion of the town in the 19th and 20th centuries, Lauder has retained its historic street pattern of a main street with back lanes to the east and west and this defines the extent of the Conservation Area.

Only limited development within the historic core has taken place and this has respected the original character.

Lauder Conservation Area is based around a single irregular market street with an additional street behind the buildings that line either side of the High Street.

The major visual focal point in the Conservation Area is the Town Hall. It dominates the town centre by both its physical height and isolated position at the end of the Market Place.

The majority of traditional buildings are two storey though there are many single, storey and a half, and two and a half stories. Buildings line both sides of the High Street, including a number of gable end houses.

Building materials range throughout the Conservation Area from whin and sand stone, harling, slate and brick chimneys. There are many significant features and architectural details within the Conservation Area which should be preserved - these range from moulded hoods above doorways, transom lights, sandstone quoins and rybats, tripartite and bay windows as well as a number of dormers at various heights. In addition some original chimney pots and skews remain.

The high boundary walls, in particular those along Castle Wynd, are an important feature within the Conservation Area and these should be retained.
While these individual elements of the built fabric may not appear significant, their collective contribution to the Conservation Area forms its character. The Market Place together with The Avenue are the major open spaces in the Conservation Area.

There are currently 39 listed properties within the amended Lauder Conservation Area including the ‘A’ category Lauder Church (Church of Scotland). A comprehensive re-survey was carried out by Historic Scotland in 2001.
Designation, adoption and boundary information
Alterations to the Lauder Conservation Area boundary from that shown in the Ettrick and Lauderdale Local Plan (1995) consist of the exclusion of 19 – 37 (Inc) The Orchard, 14 The Loan and Anderslea along the Stow Road. Inclusions into the Conservation Area are 5 and 7 Edinburgh Road. General tidying of the boundary was also undertaken so that it follows elements on the ground.
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