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Conservation Area
Conservation Area Statement
The Conservation Area in Coldstream includes much of the historic core of the Border town.

Although there are a few remains today, names such as Nun’s Walk, Penitents Walk and Abbey Road are all reminders that the 12th century Cistercian Priory once stood here close to the Market Square.

The Burgh is probably best known because it gave its name to what is now the oldest Regiment of Foot Guards, The Coldstream Guards.

The Coldstream Conservation Area is situated where the River Tweed forms a natural boundary between Scotland and England.

There are various parts within the Conservation Area that contribute to its character, the River Tweed, the Market Square and the green open spaces.

The busy and winding High Street changes in level along its length. This allows the street scene to unfold gradually, retaining a sense of enclosure throughout.

Narrow footpaths lead from the Square, winding down to the Leet Water with its attractive open space, walkway and views out on to and over the Tweed.

Interestingly shops are centred along the High Street and not the Market Square as would be seen in most other market towns.

Properties are rarely single storey and where these exist tend to be located at the edge of the town. Two to three storey buildings predominate.

Building materials vary, sandstone, harling, slate and in some occasions pantiles, and brick chimneys. Architectural elements like rybats, margins, quoins, skews, and unique transom lights are also notable throughout Coldstream.

While these individual elements of the built fabric may not appear significant, their collective contribution to the Conservation Area forms its character.

Any new development or alterations must therefore aim to respect the individual building and the wider Conservation Area and take account of these important features.

There are 97 listed buildings within the amended Conservation Area.
Designation, adoption and boundary information
Alterations to the Coldstream Conservation Area boundary from that shown in the Berwickshire Local Plan 1994 consist of the exclusion of part of the River Tweed, part of the Leet Water with embankment, The Lees as well as properties within its grounds, The Temple, Ice House, Stables and Lodge. Other exclusions are the properties at Lees Mill Drive, the Playing Field, Hume Cottage, Lees Farm Cottage, Lees Farm, Main Steading and Stables as well as properties 1-4 (inc) Nursery Lane. Inclusions consist of the Old School House on Home Place, The Coldstream Workshops, 5 Home Place, 33 Duns Road, properties 8-34 Duns Road (even numbers only), Mansefield on the High Street and Knowe Park also on the High Street. General tidying of the boundary is also proposed so that it follows elements on the ground.
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