Bowden - Conservation areas

Conservation Area
Conservation Area Statement
The Conservation Area of Bowden includes almost all the Village of which is centred round the green. Also included within the Conservation Area are the Bowden Church, the Mill and the Manse.

The Bowden Conservation Area has a distinct layout and is primarily centred on the green and is surrounded by mainly single to two storey properties.

To the south of the Village centre lies a small group of properties including the Church that also form another focus to the Conservation Area. As the layout of Bowden is one of the most important features of the Conservation Area, it is recommended that new development should respect this characteristic.

Buildings of feature include the 19th century Schoolhouse, the Village Hall, the Smithy, the Manse and the Church.

Another detail that relates to the layout of Bowden and worthy of protection is that many of the properties are built in near continuous rows though a number of detached properties do exist.

Any new development should aim to follow this practice. While traditional building materials prevail throughout the Conservation Area such as the use of sandstone, harling, and slate, so too does architectural detailing, sash and case windows, margins (some with rybats), and stone lintels are all frequently found.

It is all of these elements that give Bowden its distinct appearance that should be preserved. It is for that reason that any alterations to individual buildings or any new development within the Conservation Area should seek to respect the individual building and the wider Conservation Area.
Designation, adoption and boundary information
Alterations to the Bowden Conservation Area boundary from that shown in the Ettrick and Lauderdale Local Plan 1995 are relatively minor. These changes consist of the exclusion of the later addition to the Bowden Kirk grave yard, the removal of a small plot with an out-shed and the tidying of the boundary at Bowden Bridge. The inclusions are the rear garden of Plumtree Cottage and the Bowden Kirk Road.
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