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Conservation Area
Conservation Area Statement
The Allanton Conservation Area comprises most of the village. Little remains of Blackadder House to which Allanton was once the estate village and indeed what remains of its landscape setting has now been divorced from the village settlement.

The Conservation Area of Allanton has many distinctive characteristics that are not found in many other locations even outwith the Borders. One of the most important features of the Allanton Conservation Area is the significant degree of uniformity (with exception of replacement windows) resulting from the use of local whin and sand stone for buildings and boundary walls, and natural slate for roofs.

The alternating fish-scale slate bands are an attractive feature that are not found in many other places. Sash and case windows (of various patterns), transom lights, ornate door heads and surrounds, and decorative timberwork like bargeboards and finials all contribute significantly.

Although Allanton has no focal point due to its single street formation, there are several prominent buildings in the streetscape.

The pair of splay lodges centre the former entrance to Blackadder House, Allanton Inn with the interesting original fire station to its northern side as well as the discreetly placed Allanbrae are all significant properties of the Conservation Area.

With such unique features present within the Conservation Area, their retention is an important aspect when considering its character as well as any alterations or new development to take place.

There are 17 listed properties within the amended Allanton Conservation Area.
Designation, adoption and boundary information
Alterations to the Allanton Conservation Area boundary from that shown in the Berwickshire Village Plan (1995) consist of the exclusion of Bellmount, Ardenlee, Van Fleet and Bluestone View, the exclusion of some properties along Blackadder Drive as well as general tidying of the boundary so that it follows elements on the ground.
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