Storm Dennis response

Published: Monday, 9th March 2020

Latest updates on response - Monday 9 March 4.35pm

Advice sheet for Newcastleton residents – Storm Dennis flood recovery

This is the fifteenth edition of our advice sheet, which is designed to give you information and reassurance about the steps we, and partners, are taking to help the village recover from the recent flooding.

We hope you find the information below useful.

What Matters Hub

A re-arranged What Matters Hub will be available at the No. 8 Youth Club, Montague Street from 12noon-3pm on Tuesday 10 March.

This will also include representatives from our Customer Advice and Support Service to provide advice on Council Tax and benefit enquiries, as well as any flood-related queries.


Please see separate information sheet on further significant damage identified on the B6399 which will require an extension to the existing closure.

B6357 Dawstonburn Bridge

The B6357 at Dawstonburn Bridge is open with a 7.5tonnes weight restriction.

We are in discussions with SEPA regarding the necessary licence to undertake works in the river and will provide further information as this is progressed and a detailed programme of works established for the repairs.

An arbitrary long-stop date of 31 August 2020 has been used for the temporary traffic order, however we are confident that a permanent repair to the affected bridge foundations will be completed before this date.

With the reopening of this route school and public transport will return to the previous diversion route of the B6357 while the B6399 is closed.

Please note that physical traffic restrictions will be put in place to prevent deliberate misuse of the bridge by vehicles over 7.5tonnes.

Due to the range of restrictions currently in place on routes around Newcastleton a map has been developed to provide clarity for local residents and other road users.

Alternative operational arrangements have been put in place to ensure that waste and recycling and winter maintenance operations can continue with no service impacts.

B6357 at Tinnis Bridge (south of Newcastleton)

Essential repairs are required to Tinnis Bridge, south of Newcastleton. These can be carried out under traffic lights and will start in mid-March. It is estimated that the repair will take up to five weeks to complete.

C24 Billhope Bridge (Hermitage to A7 road)

Following an inspection it has been determined that in order to protect the Billhope Bridge a 7.5 tonne restriction is required. The necessary signage is being put in place this week.

Clean up work

  • Skips remain in place across various streets to assist residents to clear properties. We have been flexible with their exact location to assist residents as much as possible in clearing properties.
  • Due to decreasing usage we have reduced the number of skips available and are reviewing how much longer these require to be provided.
  • Residents are asked to leave damaged electrical items at the side of the skip, and place general waste into the skip.
  • Collection of electrical items will take place at the end of this week over several days.
  • Please contact our Waste Team through 0300 100 1800 for information on disposal of any hazardous waste or asbestos containing materials.

Think before you throw away

  • If your property or contents have been damaged due to the flooding, please contact your insurance company without delay and check what information/evidence of damage they require.
  • Please take photographs and take your insurer's advice before you dispose of any damaged goods.   
  • It is always safer to remove damaged goods from your house and leave them beside your house to be reviewed by insurers before you dispose of items.
  • Advice around cleaning your home, the drying process and infection control is available from our website.

Flood products

  • We continue to provide subsidised flood products, including floodgates, to householders at risk of flooding.
  • More information is available 
  • email [email protected] to register your interest

Business Support

  • Any businesses affected by the flooding can access advice from our hub or via 0300 100 1800.

Help and support for Newcastleton residents

  • Any resident requiring assistance following the recent flooding should call 0300 100 1800 during office hours. Face-to face appointments will be accommodated where required.
  • If you have any health concerns, please contact NHS24 or your GP in the first instance.