Support continues to be available to those without power

Fallen tree across a country road

Published: Tuesday, 30th November 2021

We are continuing to provide support to those residents and communities who remain without power.

While supplies have been restored to a number of homes across the region, there are still those without power, mainly across rural Berwickshire.

We continue to liaise closely with Scottish Power Energy Networks and other key partners to progress the recovery effort.

Please note that only Scottish Power Energy Networks can provide updates on when power may be restored.

In need of help or food?

Anyone who is in need of assistance should contact 0300 100 1800 up to 6pm. After 6pm the out of hours emergency number 01896 752111 should be used.

Food and hot drinks can be provided via the Community Assistance Hubs who are able to arrange for these to be delivered. This support can be accessed by calling 0300 100 1800.

In addition, anyone without power and in need of a hot meal can access hot food and drinks from Duns Primary School between 12noon and 8pm and from Ayton Primary School from 12noon to 2pm today.

Resilient Community groups are also assisting wherever possible, and the support of anyone who is willing to check on vulnerable neighbours is greatly appreciated.


All schools due to return from holiday today have reopened as normal with the exception of Berwickshire High School, where a power issue has resulted in pupils being sent home.

Inspections will continue today at settings in the Eyemouth and Earlston clusters to ensure they are ready for the return of pupils and staff tomorrow following local holidays.


Efforts to clear roads and debris from verges are ongoing with our dedicated webpage updated as and when roads reopen.

Drivers continue to be urged to drive with care as there may still be large debris on roadside verges.