Do not travel warning issued as many roads effectively closed due to fallen trees

Fallen tree across a country road

Published: Friday, 26th November 2021

Due to the ongoing weather conditions being experienced in the Scottish Borders, Police Scotland is advising against travel.

We have received reports of more than 50 incidents affecting roads, including many fallen trees and damaged buildings. Many more routes are likely to be affected.

A number of trunk roads are also affected, and multiple communities have experienced power cuts.

An out-of-hours helpline has been set up for anyone in the Borders facing issues. Please call 01835 826549. Anyone experiencing a power cut should report it by calling 105.

Chief Inspector Neil Mitchell from Police Scotland

“The situation right across the Scottish Borders, not just within the red weather warning area, is exceptionally challenging this evening and our resources and those of our partners are being stretched.

“It is abundantly clear from the number of incidents recorded already this evening that it is not safe to travel unless absolutely essential.

“If you do have to travel you should expect very, very difficult conditions with debris, large branches and potentially fallen trees, surface water and sleet/snow in some areas.

“We would advise the public to consult the Transport Scotland and Met Office websites for continuous and updated information.”

Due to the number of incidents, we are prioritising our resources to support emergency services, deal with incidents where there is a danger to life or where communities are entirely cut off. Many roads will remain closed through much of Saturday until fallen trees can be cleared.

In addition to the red weather warning for rain for the eastern Borders, a flood alert has also been issued due to the risk of coastal flooding.

An underlying amber weather warning for wind remains in place across the whole of the Scottish Borders from until 9am on Saturday morning.

A yellow weather warning for snow covering western and central parts of the Borders is in place until 10am tomorrow.

Strong gusts of wind are expected to continue throughout Saturday with colder conditions increasing the chance of ice and the potential for some snow in the highest areas of the Borders.