‘Brave’ kitten saved from skip adopted by member of staff

Published: Wednesday, 28th July 2021

A kitten that was rescued from a waste processing plant by one of our employees has been reunited with its rescuer after being adopted into the family home.

Unexpected discovery

‘Tango’ the kitten was pulled to safety, along with two of its siblings, after being spotted amongst the contents of a waste compactor skip by SBC driver Willie Hay during his daily rounds in May.

The skip had originally been stationed at Duns industrial estate where it was used for discarded household items, before being transported to Galashiels to be processed.

After making the unexpected discovery, Willie took the kittens in overnight to keep the safe and warm before arranging for the Scottish SPCA in Edinburgh to pick them up and nurse them back to health.

Reunited at last

Now Willie has been reunited with one of the litter for good, following their fateful encounter, after applying to adopt the kitten.

Willie Hay, SBC Driver:

“You see some interesting things as part of the job but I never expected to find a litter of kittens like that hiding within the rubbish. They must be some brave kittens considering the journey they had been on that day. It was a miracle they were unharmed all things considered.

“I was really glad I found them that day in enough time to be able to save them. The discovery was the talk of the staff for weeks, and a few people mentioned they might try and adopt one of the litter.

“I kept in touch regularly with the Scottish SPCA after handing them over to keep up to date with their progress and see how they were doing. I must admit I grew quite attached to them in the brief time I spent with them and felt compelled to adopt one into my family.”

Scottish SPCA Chief Inspector, Sarah Gregory:

 “We’re delighted to hear that Tango has been adopted by his rescuer, Willie.

“It’s always fantastic when stories like this have happy endings and the animals go on to loving forever homes.

“We wish Willie and Tango many happy years together.”