Consultation on preferred option for Eyemouth Primary School to take place

Published: Wednesday, 9th June 2021

A statutory consultation on plans for a hybrid-style campus to replace Eyemouth Primary School is to take place following public feedback


The proposed campus-style facility would see all stages of education accommodated on the site of the existing Eyemouth High School with a new primary school and early years facility built adjacent to the secondary school.

Senior primary pupils would be educated within the existing secondary school facility, which has spare capacity, with dedicated spaces adapted to meet their education and wellbeing needs.

This option attracted the most public support during a recent community consultation where we presented three potential options to replace the existing facility.

The options ranged from building a new school adjacent to the existing site, creating a dedicated space for all early years and primary school learning at Eyemouth High School and the preferred hybrid option incorporating elements of both.

The upcoming consultation will primarily focus on the educational benefits of the proposed campus-style facility.

It will provide a further opportunity for members of the public to have their say on more detailed plans for the school and contribute towards the design plans of the facility.

A follow-on report will be prepared for Council as the consultation progresses.

Councillor Carol Hamilton, Executive Member for Children and Young People

“This next phase of consultation will provide the public with more specific details on the proposals for a hybrid campus incorporating the primary school on the high school site.

“It will also allow the Council to collect vital feedback that will help formulate plans for the overall design of the new school and the shared resources it will offer.

“Creating a campus style facility which would incorporate both primary and secondary schools on one site would have a whole range of educational benefits, including helping more senior primary school students transition and giving all our young learners access to high quality specialist, shared facilities.

“Furthermore, a campus like this has the potential to create a real sense of community amongst families in the area and create a more engaging education environment.”