Informal consultation on proposed Galashiels Community Campus closes to the public

Published: Thursday, 29th April 2021

The informal consultation phase for the proposed Galashiels Community Campus, outlining the various proposals for the replacement of the existing Galashiels Academy, has now closed to the public

Details on the initial consultation 

The consultation, which started on 18 March, asked for feedback from members of the local community on the five possible options to replace the existing school. This included our preferred option to build a 1,000+ pupil school largely within the existing school boundary and a portion of the town’s Scott Park.

The options were detailed in full on a virtual consultation platform because of the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and can still be viewed.

It includes various videos outlining the vision for the proposed campus, with animated fly-throughs of what the facility may look like and interviews with pupils and members of the community. A comprehensive list of FAQs can also be found, detailing answers to the key questions received from the public during the consultation.

Response to the proposals 

Over the course of the consultation, the website recorded over 1,450 visits, with visitors spending an accumulative total of 27 days, 11 hours and 15 minutes on the site at an average of 25 minutes per visit.

Next steps

The feedback received from this phase of the consultation will form the basis of a report to Council recommending the next steps for the project.

This will be followed by a Proposal of Application Notice (PAN), which will take place during summer 2021, followed by a full planning application.

A statutory education consultation, focused on the educational benefits of a new school rather than the site or building itself, will also begin shortly with the aim of gathering feedback from the school community.

Councillor Carol Hamilton, Executive Member for Children and Young People

“We’re extremely grateful to the large number of people who have taken the time to share their views on the proposal for the new Galashiels Community Campus.

“Community consultation plays an extremely important part in shaping the final plans for the campus and your views will be considered carefully as this project progresses.

“A facility like this will be an extremely positive addition to the Galashiels area and will offer wide-ranging benefits including much improved school resources and multi-purpose spaces for all the community to benefit from."