Number plate access system reintroduced for Eshiels Recycling Centre

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Published: Wednesday, 7th October 2020

The vehicle number plate access system will be temporarily reintroduced to Eshiels community recycling centre from Friday 9 October.

Eshiels community recycling centre (CRC) has been experiencing significant public use during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is resulting in lengthy queues into the site.

The potential for stationary traffic waiting to access the site on the A72, which has a speed limit of 50mph at this location, presents a road safety risk.

Therefore a decision has been made to reintroduce the odd and even vehicle number plate system at Eshiels as a temporary measure, while all options are considered for a more long-term solution.

How this the vehicle number plate system work?

  • this will mean, for example, on Friday 9 October the recycling centre should only be accessed by vehicles with registration plates ending in an odd number, Saturday 10 October by vehicles with registration plates ending in an even number, and so on
  • the number plate system will not apply to large vans or trailers using the booking system at Eshiels but this will be reviewed
  • the number plate system is not being re-introduced to any other recycling centre at this time

More information on how the number plate system works is available on our website. 

Further details on recycling centres in the Scottish Borders is available on our webiste.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Executive Member for Infrastructure, Travel and Transport

“We would ask users of our Eshiels Recycling Centre to please follow this temporary measure to help control traffic levels.

“While this measure has not been introduced at other recycling centres, we would ask all members of the public using our sites to continue to follow social distancing guidance.”