Community recycling centres update

Scrap metal sign in a  community recycling centre

Published: Monday, 14th September 2020

The limit on the quantity of waste accepted at community recycling centres in the Scottish Borders will be removed on Tuesday 15 September.

Social distancing remains important

With sites potentially busier with more waste being deposited, we request that members of the public follow the Scottish Government’s FACTS guidance when using recycling centres, in particular the requirement to socially distance.

Other information

Trailers or large vans must continue to use our new online booking system before visiting a recycling centre. The simple boooking form is available or phone 0300 100 1800.

Other temporary restrictions remain in place for the safety of the public and staff. These include asking only one person to leave a vehicle unless it is a heavy item, and site staff not being able to help offload materials due to social distancing guidance.

In addition, the public is asked to make sure they are aware of updated opening times, weekday closure dates for each recycling centre and not to queue beyond ‘no queuing’ signs at entrances to avoid traffic backing up.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“It is vitally important that members of the public continue to social distance while at our recycling centres. This is to ensure the safety of other site users and staff.

“Additional signage is being installed to remind the public of FACTS guidance and importance of social distancing.”