Temporary on-demand transport services to end as normal service resumes in full

Coronavirus - service updates

Published: Friday, 31st July 2020

Temporary on demand transport services put in place to support essential travel during the COVID-19 pandemic will end from Monday 10 August as local bus services return to normal.

The services were established to support Borderers to undertake essential journeys when public transport options were significantly reduced during the initial phases of lockdown.

The on demand services, which operated at a peak of between 20 and 30 return journeys a day, have reduced in recent weeks following the gradual return of local bus services and alternative transport options.

As a result, from Monday 10 August, we will cease to provide these temporary arrangements. By 10 August all previous public bus timetables are expected to be in operation.

All pre-existing Demand Responsive Transport services which were in place pre-COVID-19 are unaffected.

If after 10 August anyone is still finding difficulty in accessing transport for essential journeys they should contact our Passenger Transport team on 0300 100 1800 and they will assist wherever possible.

Some rural communities use volunteer or community transport schemes for things like hospital appointments and these may not be running due to COVID-19. If this affects you please also contact the team for assistance.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“We introduced these on-demand transport arrangements at a critical time when many key workers had no alternative means of getting to their workplaces and for the public needing to make essential journeys, for example to go food shopping.

“Bookings have gradually reduced and with the reinstatement of full public transport timetables and increasing transport options we are now standing down this temporary arrangement.”