Council working towards full return of school pupils, but contingency plans continue to be finalised

Road sign for school

Published: Friday, 26th June 2020

We are developing plans for the full return of school pupils to Early Years settings and schools from 11 August, following the Scottish Government announcement earlier this week.

However, we continue to finalise contingency plans for blended learning should the Scottish Government announce in due course that these are required. These plans, as required by the Scottish Government, are based on the current restrictions, particularly 2m social distancing.

Timeline for communication of details of school reopening plans

13 July - Communication to parents on either:

  • Plan A  - full return of pupils - if the go ahead for this is announced by Scottish Government by this date
  • Plan B - blended learning contingency plans - if Scottish Government announces these will be in place for 11 August or if there is no schools announcement by Scottish Government by 13 July.

If Plan B communicated as above, individual pupil arrangements will be communicated to parents by the end of the day on 14 July.

FAQs and parent communications

Parents and carers can access information, FAQs and all communications on school reopening plans on our website. 

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“We all hope that COVID-19 will be sufficiently suppressed enough to allow the Scottish Government to confirm that it is safe for every young person across the country to attend school full time in August.

“This is our ‘Plan A’ and we are developing the necessary arrangements for it as there will undoubtedly still be measures required in all our education settings to minimise the risk of COVID-19 to our young people and staff.

“However, we must ensure that we have the necessary contingency plans – ‘Plan B’ - ready to implement if a full return is not possible. We have been working on these extremely complex plans for a number of weeks now and are making very good progress.

“Should there be no decision before 13 July by the Scottish Government on the arrangements for schools reopening on 11 August we will provide the detail of our Plan B contingency plan to parents.

“This will provide four weeks’ notice to enable parents to make any necessary arrangements around childcare etc as there would be a degree of home-learning required in these plans.

“In all our planning our focus is on being able to deliver learning in-school safely for pupils and staff and, as part of Plan B, a blended learning offer that supports the learning needs of every pupil and helps them to achieve their learning targets.”