Councillors offer thanks for COVID-19 response and outline plans for summer

Published: Thursday, 18th June 2020

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and looking ahead to plans for the summer period, our Leader, Convener and Leader of the Opposition have released a joint statement.

Leader Shona Haslam, Convener David Parker and Leader of the Opposition Stuart Bell

“This is an unprecedented crisis that no-one at the Council has ever had to deal with before.

“We have had to deliver many of our services in a very different way and many of our staff have gone above and beyond in ensuring we have continued to deliver our services to those who most need them.

“Normally we as Councillors take a break over July and August from Council meetings while carrying on with our constituents’ work. This year is obviously very different and we will all be continuing to meet with officers throughout the summer to ensure the Council’s response to COVID-19 is as effective as is possible.

“As the Leader, Convener and Leader of the Opposition we wish to convey our thanks to all staff at the Council, our partners in NHS Borders, Live Borders, Community Councils, the Third Sector, Resilient Community Groups and all of the volunteers in our communities for their tireless work.

“This will not stop and we will all continue to work hard in every one of our communities as we sustain our response to this crisis and plan our recovery from it.”