Parents urged to complete school transport survey as Council continues to develop plans for re-opening schools

Coronavirus - service updates

Published: Friday, 12th June 2020

Parents whose children use school transport, or will from August, are being asked to complete a short survey as we continue to make preparations for schools re-opening on 11 August.

Almost 3k pupils normally travel on school transport every day, however there are significant challenges for us in transporting pupils from August, when it is likely that social distancing requirements will need to be met.

Based on the current two metre restriction, the capacity of existing provision would be around 400 pupils.

Based on the current national restrictions, parents would only be able to transport their own children to school.

The online survey is now available and will close at midnight on Sunday 28 June.

Parents and carers can access information, FAQs and all communications on school reopening plans on our website.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“One of the key issues we are facing with the return of pupils to schools on 11 August is how we transport almost 3,000 pupils with a significantly reduced capacity.

“Unfortunately, despite exploring various models, it is clear that we simply will not be able to provide school transport for all eligible pupils, even where pupils are not in school every day of the week.

“Therefore, to help us develop the best plan possible, we are asking parents whose children normally use school transport, or will from August, to complete a short online survey which explores various options, including more pupils walking or cycling to school, or parents transporting their children themselves.

“We know that these options will not be available to everyone due to individual circumstances, but it is vital that we explore these now to understand where parents are able to play their part in getting pupils back to school.”