Contribution being made by unpaid family carers and young carers acknowledged

COVID-19 help and support

Published: Friday, 12th June 2020

As part of Carer’s Week, we would like to acknowledge the significant contribution made by unpaid carers and young carers to their families and local communities.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“There has been well deserved support and recognition for NHS, homecare, care home and other health and social care staff for the extraordinary response they are continuing to provide for our most vulnerable residents. The voluntary sector also deserve our ongoing thanks for everything they are doing in their local communities.

“However, I wanted to take this opportunity to reflect on and individually recognise the substantial number of informal and family carers across the Scottish Borders without whom this fight would be impossible.

“The volume of care that is being delivered every day by family members, friends and of course our young carers is significant and it is important that we acknowledge their contribution. They do a remarkable job at the best of times but we should not underestimate the impact that measures like social distancing, self-isolation and shielding will be having on their own daily routines and those of the people they care for.

“They should also remember that help is available, both for themselves and the people they care for, and they shouldn’t hesitate to reach out especially at this time.”

Help and support

  • Information about the support that is available for carers is available on our website. This includes advice on how carers can access supplies of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) through our Community Assistance Hubs.
  • For specific advice on self-isolation and shielding, visit our website or call Customer Advice and Support on 0300 100 1800 (Option 7).
  • Adult carers can also contact the Borders Carers Centre on 01896 752431 or visit their website.
  • Young carers can continue to access support through their guidance teacher, school nurse or social worker, if they have one. They can also phone the Action for Children - Scottish Borders CHIMES service helpline on 01896 750 173.