Council developing plans for re-opening of schools

The outside of Eyemouth High School on a sunny day.

Published: Friday, 29th May 2020

We are reassuring parents, carers and school pupils that detailed information on the re-opening of schools from 11 August will be provided in due course.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“In line with the national agreement, our schools will open on 11 August - a week earlier than we would normally restart after the summer holiday.

“It cannot be overestimated how challenging it is to put in place the necessary arrangements to ensure that we can deliver high quality learning in a safe environment for pupils and staff from this date.

“We have a significant number of pupils using school transport and fewer and smaller schools than urban areas, which all impact on how we can adapt our education arrangements, which will involve both in-school and home learning. As one example, a 72-seater coach can only transport 10 people with social distancing of two metres maintained.

“We absolutely appreciate that parents and carers will be wanting to know what the arrangements will look like for their children and young people and we will endeavour to provide that information as soon as possible.

“At this time I’d like to express my thanks to all the staff who have been supporting vulnerable children and the children of key workers in our childcare hubs. It is also important to recognise the staff who have been helping our young people learn from home through a variety of means, and of course parents and carers who have been thrust into home-schooling. All your efforts will help to smooth the transition back to school.”