Planning Committee to restart online via video conferencing


Published: Tuesday, 12th May 2020

Our Planning and Building Standards Committee will be the first Council meeting to take place following the start of lockdown due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The meeting, on Monday 18 May, will be carried out using video conferencing facilities.

The last meeting of the committee took place on 2 March.

Local Review Body to meet online too

Two virtual meetings of the Local Review Body have also been scheduled for 25 May and 1 June.

Both bodies are responsible for the determination of planning applications that cannot be considered by officers under our Scheme of Delegation.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“Decisions on planning matters which cannot be made by officers cannot be left indefinitely. We have therefore put in place a process so these bodies can meet effectively and within relevant legislation using video conferencing technology.

“It is too early to say whether this same method would be appropriate for other meetings of the Council, many of which have significantly more active participants, both Councillors and Council officers, and different legislative requirements and regulations.

“We will of course review how these virtual meetings operate and continue to explore various options for ‘normal’ Council business to take place whilst still adhering to national guidance on social distancing and essential travel.”

Meetings to be held in private

Under national emergency coronavirus legislation – the Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020 - the meetings of the Planning and Building Standards Committee and Local Review Body will not be open to the public or press, however minutes will be published in due course through our website as normal.