St Ronan’s residents clap for key workers

Published: Wednesday, 22nd April 2020

Residents at St Ronan’s Care Home are among those who have been saying thank you to the hard working key workers across the Borders who are going above and beyond to keep critical services going.

The home has been closed to all but essential visitors for the past few weeks so staff have been finding a range of creative ways to keep life as normal as possible for their residents. Exercise classes, pamper sessions, art and craft workshops and daily walks in the grounds are among the activities that are still taking place regularly in ways that are both safe and enjoyable. 

All SB Cares homes have been taking full advantage of technology to keep family carers in touch with their loved ones. St Ronan’s is one who has been running a vibrant private Facebook group for several years now, and they have found it an increasingly important way of sharing photos, videos and messages.

We donated some iPads which has seen many of the residents become adept at using the Facetime App to communicate with family members, some as far afield as Australia.

There has been praise and thanks from family members who are grateful not only for the care their loved ones are continuing to receive, but also for the opportunities they are being given to keep in touch.

The residents spent an afternoon art class creating colourful rainbow pictures to show their appreciation for not only their own staff, but also for all the other key workers going above and beyond.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“All our health and social care staff teams are continuing to provide an extraordinary response to a situation which has affected so many of our most vulnerable residents.

“I have the utmost respect for our carers at the best of times but seeing how they are coping has really brought home to me just how kind, caring and committed they are, whether they are working a care home, delivering home care or finding ways to keep in touch with our learning disability and mental health service users.

“They have all had to adapt quickly to a range of new ways of working, continuing to do their work while respecting social distancing and self-isolation requirements and wearing PPE where this is necessary. They are doing so with remarkable resilience and flexibility, with their overall priority being to keep their clients and services users safe, well and cared for.”

“The drawings the residents have allowed us to share are a chance for us all to say thank you to key workers right across the Borders for everything they are doing, and I join them in sharing my gratitude.”

Mary Bishop, St Ronan’s resident

"With everything happening in the world, it's great I can still talk to my daughter, Paula. She's still my little girl and I look forward to her phone calls and face times."

Margaret Geddes, St Ronan's resident

"The iPads are clever things. I miss my sisters dearly and find it amazing that I can use it to see their faces and talk to them when they are far away."

Ann Newtown, Rita Simmon’s daughter

“Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. The St Ronan’s staff are all so wonderful and do an amazing job. I no longer have worries or problems. They solve them all."

Ron Gilchrist, whose wife uses the short breaks unit at St Ronan’s

"I never cease to be amazed at the cheer, fun, innovation and joy that the care home shows. They do a really good job under normal circumstances – they have just ramped it up under lockdown. The home, with care at the centre of all they do, is a shining example of how care homes should be.”

Further Information

Images of the residents and their artwork are available on our Flickr page.