Council to launch Celebration Fund to support 75th anniversary of VE Day

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Published: Tuesday, 11th February 2020

We are launching a VE Celebration Fund on 24 February to enable non-profit making community or voluntary groups, schools and churches to apply for funding to undertake special celebratory projects.

Victory in Europe Day

Victory in Europe Day (VE Day) is a day celebrating the formal acceptance by the Allies of World War II of Nazi Germany’s unconditional surrender of its armed forces on 8 May 1945.

The early May bank holiday in 2020 has been moved from Monday 4 May to Friday 8 May to encourage communities to come together and commemorate this significant historical event.

Scottish Borders VE Celebration Fund

The Scottish Borders VE Celebration Fund will give community councils, schools, churches and community and voluntary organisations the chance to apply for grant funding that will enable them to hold special celebratory events or projects for the benefit of their local and wider communities.

A total of £60k has been set aside for the fund. Typical grants are expected to be in the region of £1k, but grants up to a maximum of £2.5k will be considered for larger projects or for projects that create a lasting legacy of VE Day.


Applicants must be able to demonstrate that they will use the fund to provide more opportunities for communities to come together to:

  • celebrate VE Day through events, concerts, open days, street parties, etc. or
  • create a lasting legacy of VE Day by, for example, making improvements to public spaces, playparks or community gardens.

Applications should be submitted by 31 May 2020. Decisions will be made quickly and efficiently as on a Fast Track basis.

Projects need to be completed in 2020.

Applications will be available from 24 February 2020 or by contacting the Community and Partnerships Team on 0300 100 1800 or at: [email protected] 

Councillor David Parker, Council Convener

“It is absolutely fitting that this funding is made available to local communities so that we can commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of VE Day. This was a day that changed the course of history and its legacy and memory is one that should be kept alive for generations to come.

“There will be few families across the Borders who are unable to trace a link back to the war, either to someone who fought so bravely on our behalf or tragically, lost their lives to secure our freedom. I would therefore encourage eligible community groups representing all age groups to make sure they apply to the fund so that together we can show a fitting tribute in this auspicious year.”

Further information

  • Approval for the VE Celebration Fund was given at meeting of our Executive on 11 February, more information is available on the our website
  • A reporting detailing the evaluation and outcomes of the VE Celebration Fund will be brought back to Executive in late 2020.