Borderers urged to be aware and prepared for potentially disruptive weather

Car on wet road at night

Published: Friday, 7th February 2020

Be aware of a series of weather warnings the weekend and into the middle of next week and prepare for potential disruption.

The Met Office has issued four weather warnings which cover the Scottish Borders:


  • Yellow weather warning for wind, valid from 12noon to 11.59pm
  • Covers whole of the Scottish Borders
  • Strong winds are expected through Saturday
  • Gust of up to 60mph are expected widely, with up to 70mph possible in exposed areas
  • Yellow weather warning for rain, valid from 3pm Saturday to 12noon Sunday
  • Covers an area from Kelso west to Dumfries, and as far north as Peebles
  • Prolonged heavy rain could cause travel disruption and flooding
  • 20-40mm is expected widely across the warning area, with up to 80mm possible in hilly areas


  • Yellow weather warning for wind, valid from midnight Saturday to 11.59pm Sunday
  • Covers whole of the Scottish Borders
  • Strong winds associated with Storm Ciara may result in damage and disruption
  • Gusts of 60mph are expected inland, with some areas experiencing up to 80mph gusts.

Monday and Tuesday

  • Yellow weather warning for wind and snow, valid from midnight Sunday to 12noon Tuesday
  • Covers western half of the Scottish Borders, to around Gordon area
  • Frequent heavy snow showers and strong winds will combine to lead to disruption, especially over higher routes
  • Snow showers, at all levels, are forecast throughout Monday, but move around the warning area
  • Overnight into Tuesday morning snow showers are more widespread and will continue into the evening, beyond the current warning period

Our Chief Executive, Tracey Logan:

“The Met Office has provided early notice of potentially disruptive weather this weekend and well into next week. The Council is taking steps to ensure it is prepared. I’d ask residents to do the same and be aware of the potential for disruption.

“The strong winds and rain currently forecast for the region this weekend are significant, and combined will make driving conditions particularly challenging at times. The strength of the wind alone could cause some damage. 

“Into next week it is forecasted to turn colder with some snow. Strong winds may exacerbate issues caused by the snow.

“We continue to liaise closely with the Met Office and our partners and will monitor the weather and forecasts closely over the coming days. We will provide updates through our normal channels, including of course the free SB Alert messaging system, as required over the weekend and into next week.”

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Story published at 19:22 on Friday 7 February.