Collection of belongings for Peebles High School pupils

Peebles High School fire

Published: Monday, 16th December 2019

We have made arrangements to allow pupil belongings to be collected following the fire on 28 November.

Belongings have been retrieved from over 1000 lockers in the Millennium Wing, Science, Music, CDT areas and the John Muir House and are being made available to be collected in a managed way from the assembly hall at Peebles High School site.

The assembly hall which was unaffected by the fire, has been cordoned off from the rest of the building to allow a safe and secure collection point to be created for pupils to pick up any belongings that were left in the school during the evacuation.

Following collection opportunities earlier this week there will be a final opportunity before Christmas for S4-S6 pupils/parents to collect belongings from the assembly hall on Thursday 19 December. This will be open from 2pm to 6pm.

Further recovery and collections will take place when more of the site is accessed.

Access to hall

The hall should be accessed through a secure entrance via the gate on Bonnington Road into the staff car park.  Those attending should then follow the signage to the door around the side of the assembly hall. 


The belongings are organised in groups as below:

CDT 752-793
Music 800-825
Music 997-1052
Music 933-996
Lower Millennium 1-216
Lower Millennium 217-277
Lower Millennium 297-320
Lower Millennium 283-295
Lower Millennium 321-345
Lower Millennium 696-745
Lower Millennium 379-473
Lower Millennium 541-692
Upper Millennium 477-540
Science 829-932
CDT 6 and John Muir 
There will be a sheet to sign to confirm receipt of the belongings and also an opportunity to note any items which are still not retrieved.
If anyone has an item such as a car key or driving licence that is vital for a particular reason, they can contact School Estates to make very specific requests.