Collection of Peebles High belongings to take place next week

Published: 13th December 2019

Peebles High School fire

We have almost completed the retrieval of personal belongings from accessible areas of Peebles High School following the fire on 28 November.

These items are being recovered from the few remaining classrooms in the accessible areas, and from almost 1k lockers.

We will announce on Monday 16 December where and when these items can be collected from.

Personal belongings 

We are still assessing the extent of the damage to personal belongings such as bags and coats in smoke affected areas.

These will be tested by the specialist company and if safe to do so, returned to owners.

Once this has been carried out, we will have a better idea of what items cannot be retrieved.

The majority of property recovered to date has already been collected.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive

“We appreciate the co-operation and patience of pupils, parents/carers and staff who still have personal belongings within the school site. We are working hard to ensure as many items as possible are returned to their owners.

“I would remind the public to please stay away from the school site, which remains hazardous and unsafe.”

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