Peebles pupils set for return to classroom and warm welcome in Galashiels

Gala and Peebles Senior Pupils

Published: Saturday, 7th December 2019

Senior Peebles High School pupils are preparing to return to class on Monday 9 December at temporary locations in Galashiels.

Just 10 days after the fire at PHS, students in S4, S5 and S6 will begin lessons in a dedicated building at Galashiels Academy and at the Langlee Complex.

They will be taught by Peebles High teachers and the arrangements have been put in place until the Christmas break from Thursday 19 December. A group of senior pupils from both schools met up on Friday ahead of the move to get to know each other better.



William Adams, a Head Prefect at Peebles High School


"Being taken from our normal environment so abruptly was a shock to the system so we're all grateful to get back into it. Everyone at Gala that I've seen has been incredibly understanding. This a fantastic way of meeting new people and regardless of how quickly we end up getting back to Peebles High School - we're going to have a great time here."

Rosie McLeman, Galashiels Academy Head Girl


"I've got friends from Peebles and I'm looking forward to seeing them here. It's definitely going to be different for us but it's a positive change and we're looking forward to it."

Campbell Wilson, Headteacher of Peebles High School


"It's clear that everyone at Gala Academy has worked extremely hard to be ready for us and we really appreciate that. Our young people are very resilient and I'm immensely proud of the way they have risen to this challenge, continue to be positive and continue to focus on their learning."

Headteacher of Galashiels Academy, Kevin Ryalls


"We really want to help and are looking forward to welcoming the pupils and staff from Peebles. Our students empathise with them and we're going to maximise every opportunity we have and make it work for the young people at a critical time of year for them."


More information

  • The latest information, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and transport details, is available in our dedicated PHS Fire webpages. 
  • S1-S3 pupils from Peebles High will receive face–to-face teaching in Peebles at alternative locations. Again, full details are on the webpages at the above link and have been communicated with parents and carers.
  • Images of the pupils are available on our Flickr page.
  • A short video clip is also available.