Coastal flooding warning for Berwickshire

Published: 27th November 2019

Eyemouth harbour, building with harbour wall and boat in the water

Heavy rainfall combined with an extremely high tide and large waves is expected to create coastal, river and surface water flooding issues in Berwickshire overnight tonight and into tomorrow (28 Nov).

A yellow weather warning for rain which covers much of the Scottish Borders has been issued by the Met Office, valid from 4pm today to 6am tomorrow. The forecast is for up to 50mm of rain over higher ground.

A flood alert has also been issued by SEPA.

High tide and large waves

The rainfall will lead to increased flow in the Berwickshire rivers of the Eye, Whiteadder and Blackadder.

For Eyemouth, this increased river level may potentially coincide with an exceptionally high tide and large waves at Eyemouth at around 3am tomorrow morning.

Jim Fraser, Emergency Planning Officer

“Although the weather warning does not cover the Berwickshire coast it is this area in particular that could see the worst impacts of that rainfall, with a very high tide meeting high river levels which could lead to flooding.

“Flood barriers are being put in place in Eyemouth and businesses and homeowners in the lower lying areas of the town are advised to put in place their own flood defences. We are working closely with the Resilient Communities group in Eyemouth (Eyemouth Response Team) to ensure that local people are aware of the risk and precautionary steps are taken.

“The town’s Harbour Road will be closed from 1am to 5am tomorrow morning due to the likelihood of flooding, however SBC staff will be on hand to open it as soon as possible once this recedes.”

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