New Alcohol bylaws consultation to go ahead

Row of beer bottles on table

Published: Thursday, 31st October 2019

Councillors have agreed to hold a consultation on introducing pilot alcohol bylaws in Hawick, Galashiels, Eyemouth and Peebles.

Members voted 19 to 13 in favour of doing so at the full council meeting today.

It follows an initial consultation which ran from 27 March to 30 June this year.

It looked to establish whether or not people thought the drinking of alcohol in public places was a problem that needed to be addressed. 

While a wide variety of views were given, councillors have agreed that a second stage consultation should be carried out to consider options in more detail.

This will specifically ask whether or not bylaws should be brought in for four towns on a pilot basis:

  • Hawick
  • Galashiels
  • Eyemouth
  • Peebles

Further information

More information of the consultation will be announced soon.

The 31 October council report is available online.

The option that councillors voted for originally asked for a pilot to look at Galashiels and Hawick only, but this was amended in the meeting to include Eyemouth and Peebles.