Dirtpot Corner fully reopens following improvement scheme

Published: 8th July 2019

Dirtpot Corner

A notorious stretch of the A72 road has fully reopened after an 11-month improvement scheme.

The £2.2million programme has resulted in Dirtpot Corner near Cardrona being widened by three metres and resurfaced, with a new retaining wall installed alongside the River Tweed. This striking new structure also has modern road safety fencing and a steel parapet.

Story of the Scheme

  • The scheme began in August 2018, with foundations for the new six metre high stone faced wall completed before the winter.
  • The wall was then built up to allow the safety parapet to be accommodated and road widened and re-surfaced.
  • The improvements - which have been carried out by SBc Contracts – aim to reduce the traffic incidents, particularly issues with heavy goods vehicles meeting at the corner.

Environmental impact considered

A key aspect of the scheme has been that much of the construction work was undertaken from the river bank. This was considered the best option in order to reduce the environmental impact, cost of the project and minimise the impact on traffic on the road, with Dirtpot Corner closed for only two days throughout the 11 months of the project.

In the coming months, tree and wildflower planting will take place, alongside landscaping works to restore the works area at the Corner.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, our Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“Dirtpot Corner has been a long-standing issue and finding a solution which met the various environmental and road requirements on the scheme has taken some time.

“However, the end result is a significant improvement for road users, who we must thank for their patience during the works.

“While it is much improved, we would advise road users to take their time when approaching the corner until they get used to the new layout.”

Tweeddale East Councillors Stuart Bell, Shona Haslam and Robin Tatler said in a joint statement

“The local community and Councillors have all called for action at Dirtpot Corner for a number of years, and we are delighted this improvement scheme has now been completed.

“The corner will be significantly better for road users to navigate, and SBc Contracts and our Engineering Design Team deserve huge credit for their efforts to minimise the impact on motorists and the local environment, and for the quality of their work.

“We again thank the local community for their understanding throughout the project and hope they recognise the benefit of the new Dirtpot Corner.”


Images of the opening and progress photos of the scheme are available at our Flickr page. A video summarising the entire scheme is also available here.

Progress videos of the scheme are available at our YouTube channel from October 2018 here and March 2019 here.

The Dirtpot Corner improvement scheme was announced as part of our budget in February 2018, with £86million investment for road/transport infrastructure over the next 10 years planned.