We are committed to being Fit for 2024

Published: 5th July 2019

Fit for 2024 logo
Fit for 2024 logo

We will transform the way we operate in order to ensure we can deliver excellent services to residents whilst responding to unprecedented challenges.

That’s the message that Councillors heard at the full Council meeting last week as we presented our outline plans for our new transformation programme called Fit for 2024

As part of the Council’s Budget agreed in February, we announced the Fit for 2024 programme with the aim of achieving a revenue savings target of £18m over five years whilst making it clear that it remains ambitious for the region.
It builds upon our #yourpart campaign which continues to ask everyone for support to keep the Borders thriving during challenging financial times.

Tracey Logan, Chief Executive of SBC

“Fit for 2024 embodies the message that we are not afraid to invest where we need to, nor are we afraid to change the way we do things when it is in the best interest of our residents and communities to do so.
“Since 2013/14, we have delivered £47m of permanent savings. This has been a great achievement and I would like to publicly thank all the efforts made by staff to date to achieve this. 
“We are moving into new and challenging territory now, and in order to achieve this, we need everyone to play their part.  We will be taking a whole Council approach where every part of the Council will be reviewed and subject to change. It will look at aspects of how we deliver services and will impact the Council’s structure, management, workforce, business processes, productivity and culture.”
The Council will initially focus on reviewing the Senior Management Structure, Social Work Services, Fleet Management and Passenger Transport. Further reviews across the whole of SBC are being planned with more details being presented to Council later this year.  Staff will be fully supported and consulted during the process.

Councillor Simon Mountford, Deputy Leader and Executive Member for Transformation and HR

“The Council of 2024 will not be the Council of 2019.  It will focus on delivering services in ways which meet the needs of those we serve whilst exploiting new technologies and other opportunities.  We are determined to drive significant improvement in outcomes.  To achieve that, it will take all of us to play our part, Elected Members, management, staff, partners and our citizens.”

Tracey Logan added:

“The programme is already well underway with projects such as Inspire Learning which confirms our commitment to delivering digital technology in order to improve equality for everyone. 
“We have been out speaking to staff in all localities about the Fit for 2024 programme and getting their views.  This is just the start of how we want to work going forward. We want to be working with staff and communities to deliver better outcomes for everyone whilst being realistic about the challenges. We always encourage residents to go along to their Local Area Partnerships and look out for events, and consultations to take part in. We continue to ask everyone to play their part in any way they can.”
The full Council report can be viewed on our Committee Papers section.