Hawick Flood Protection Scheme update

Commercial Road, Hawick

Published: Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

Good progress continues to be made on the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme, which will deliver protection from a 1 in 75 flood event to over 900 residential and commercial properties at risk along the River Teviot and Slitrig Water.

Phase one of advanced works

The movement of underground public utility infrastructure has now begun on Commercial Road.

Phase one of these works focuses on utilities between The Borders Distillery and the Sainsbury’s entrance, as this work can be carried out without closing Commercial Road. 

The Scheme needs to move the existing public utilities and services out of the Scheme’s construction corridor during the building of the flood defences, which is due to begin in the town in January 2020.

The works began late last month near The Borders Distillery and were focussed on the footpath. As a result, there was no impact on traffic, with some parking restrictions in place. 

As the works have progressed, traffic lights are now required to undertake the remainder of the diversions.

A closure of Bath Street’s junction with Commercial Road will also be required as the works progress at the junction. 

Phase one works will continue to take place until September 2019 and at no time will these works require Commercial Road to be closed.

The project team will continue to work directly with all businesses to ensure continuous access is available to all.

Phase two of advanced works at Commercial Road postponed until January 2020

Phase two of the advanced works on Commercial Road - between Sainsbury’s entrance and Laing Terrace – will no longer take place this summer. 

It means the proposed full closure of Commercial Road from week commencing 15 July will therefore not take place.

The project team needs additional time to deliver on the obligations agreed with the community during its latest Community Traffic Management meeting.

This additional time is required to design and deliver the temporary works required for the alternative diversion route through Princes Street and High Street.

The designs will be fully developed in partnership with Transport Scotland and Amey - who are responsible for the A7 trunk road through Hawick - by late September 2019, with any required modifications being constructed in autumn 2019. 

The project team could then close Commercial Road, but as agreed with the community and local businesses, the Scheme will not impact the road during Christmas 2019.

Therefore the closure is now postponed until January 2020.

This restructuring of the advanced works schedule does not impact on the main works contract completion date or the delivery of flood protection to Hawick, which are still scheduled for completion in late 2022.

The advanced works contract remains on programme and the project team continues to tailor works on the ground further in consultation with stakeholders to minimise impact on the town.

Advanced works update throughout town

The advanced works continue to progress across the town.

The diversion of gas pipes at the Common Haugh is ongoing, as are diversion works along Mansfield Road from Teviotdale Leisure Centre to Hamilton Road Roundabout.

A crossing of the River Teviot between Weensland and Mansfield Road to lay new ducts is imminent, with preparatory work now ongoing.

The project team has successfully managed to avoid any full closures of Mansfield Road to date and are hopeful that the additional preparatory design works being undertaken in partnership with the seven utility organisations will continue to ensure there is minimal impact for the public.

In particular, the Scheme is aiming to avoid the scenario where the road is dug up on several occasions by different utility companies, as is often the case with similar construction projects.

Main works contract

The Scheme’s procurement process for the main works contractor remains on programme.

A formal invitation to tender has now been issued to six contractors. Their tender returns are due to be received in early October 2019 and the project team intends to present a report to our full meeting in November with a preferred tenderer for approval.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“We must thank all local businesses and residents for their involvement with the Scheme so far.

“The decision to postpone the Commercial Road works to 2020 was taken following discussions with the trunk road authority and feedback from the Traffic Management Working Group, and does not impact on the completion date for the Scheme.

“We realise this is one of the most significant infrastructure projects to ever happen in Hawick and the Scottish Borders, and we will continue to engage with the public, community groups and businesses.”

Hawick Flood Protection Scheme

The Hawick Flood Protection Scheme will deliver multiple benefits to the town of Hawick, maximising the cultural, heritage, educational, environmental, energy and health opportunities in partnership with the community and external organisations.

This has included the creation of Community Vision and Traffic Management working groups to ensure key community stakeholders can help shape the project.

The six main elements of the scheme are as follows:

•        The Flood Protection Scheme, approved in December 2017;

•        An advanced works contract to be completed before the Main Works takes place;

•        A new wall at Commercial Road which will be both a flood wall and part of the A7 trunk road and jointly delivered by the scheme and Transport Scotland;

•        A new pumping station within the waste-water treatment works delivered for Scottish Water;

•        A major investment in a sustainable travel network delivered in partnership with SUSTRANS, including pedestrian and cycle pathways, new bridges, and associated infrastructure;

•        Replacement community park and civic areas, including Little Haugh, Common Haugh and Weensland.

Further information

Images are available on our Flickr page.

Hawick Flood Protection Scheme is being delivered in partnership with Scottish Government who are providing 80% funding of all eligible elements, with the remaining 20% funded by ourselves.

Further details on the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme are available at its Facebook page or website.