Community policing and support for businesses among annual performance report highlights

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Published: Tuesday, 04th June 2019

More dedicated community policing, extra affordable housing, key support for local businesses and more modern apprentices employed.

These are just some of the highlights in our full year performance report, which was discussed by the Executive Committee today.

The performance data ties in with the first full year of our latest Corporate Plan ‘Our plan for 2018-2023 and your part in it’.

Scottish Borders Community Action Team (CAT)

The performance report includes details of full year figures for the CAT after we invested £282k in 2018/19.

The CAT continues to respond to local issues and concerns, with: 

  • 884 parking tickets issued
  • 335 hours of high visibility foot patrols carried out
  • almost 600 hours of mobile patrols carried out
  • drug searches on 217 people and 65 premises
  • over 100 static road checks took place

Economic development

In terms of economic development we supported 1497 companies, who received assistance through Business Gateway, in 2018/19. 218 new companies were also created with Business Gateway’s help.

Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal and South East Scotland City Region Deal

Good progress continues to be made with the Borderlands Inclusive Growth Deal, Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal, the South of Scotland Economic Partnership and the upcoming establishment of South of Scotland Enterprise. 

Modern Apprentices

The biggest yearly intake of modern apprentices to date saw 33 young people employed under the scheme in 2018/19.

Affordable homes

There was also an increase in the number of affordable homes delivered in the Borders, rising to 191.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption across 26 of our key sites reduced. Electricity consumption has reduced by 5.6% and gas consumption was down 7.3%. 


As ever we face challenges, including in recycling waste.

The Household Waste Recycling rate reduced slightly to 38.2%, in the calendar year 2018. Recycling at Community Recycling Centres also reduced (to 58%).

Shona Haslam, Council Leader

"This report highlights some really positive success stories across our services. I'm pleased to see that the Community Action Team, which receives significant funding from the Council, is continuing to make an impact in our towns and villages.

“Our commitment to helping local businesses is as strong as ever and there are other positives such as extra affordable homes being delivered, more modern apprentices being employed and a reduction in energy consumption inside our buildings.

“There are also many exciting developments within SBC at the moment including the launch of Fit for 2024, a large scale programme of transformation to ensure we are in the best shape to meet future challenges. The Inspire Learning Programme is underway, which will see an investment of £16million over a ten year period in a world class digital learning environment in our schools. We’ve also introduced a community car club, which gives members of the public the opportunity to hire low-emission cars for flexible travel.

"As ever, we face some challenges including a slight drop in recycling rates. There were a number of factors which led to this decrease, which has also been experienced by a number of other Scottish local authorities in the last year. A reduction in garden waste due to last year’s hot summer was one factor. In addition, there was a reduction in items such as paper, card, cans and plastics collected in blue bins. We continue to make efforts to help the public put the right waste in the right bin to increase recycling, which will help the local environment and save public funding by avoiding landfill tax."

Further Information

Full report is available online (item 5).