Gary and Karen's think before you park message

Published: 8th May 2019

Broomlands road safety

A school road safety campaign has been launched to help remind parents and carers not to park on the zig zag lines.

Two cartoon cut-out pupils named Gary and Karen have been launched at Broomlands Primary School in Kelso to help schools raise awareness of this road safety issue.

The cartoons carry messages such as ‘Think before you park’ and ‘Don’t Park on the zig zag lines’ and will be taken around various Borders schools where parking can be an issue.

The scheme was launched this week with Broomlands’ junior road safety officers Daisy, Elena and Emily alongside our Safer Routes to School team.

Karen McGrath, a member of our Safer Routes to School team

“We are delighted to work with Broomlands Primary School on the launch of this new scheme.

“We hope these bollards serve as a reminder to some of the parents and carers to park responsibility when dropping off or picking up their children at the school or an even better alternative would be to encourage them to walk, cycle, scooter and 'walk and stride'.”

Michelle Matthews, Broomlands Primary School Headteacher

 “We have a fantastic new school building here at Broomlands, but we have had some issues with parking.

“We are working closely with the Safer Routes to School team, and parents and carers, to make sure the children can access the school safely, and we were very pleased to trial this new scheme.”

Further information

A photo is available at our Flickr page.

Broomlands Primary School has recently been shortlisted for the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland 2019 Award, with the results being revealed on 30 May.