Royal Company of Archers to compete for Silver Arrow at Selkirk shoot

silver arrow

Published: Tuesday, 07th May 2019

On Saturday 25 May The Queen’s Body Guard for Scotland, the Royal Company of Archers, will compete for the Selkirk Silver Arrow, a competition dating back to 1660.

Selkirk Silver Arrow

The shoot will take place on a field adjacent to The Haining, Selkirk at 3pm, with competitors demonstrating their skills with the longbow over a distance of 180 yards – the sort of archery that would have been practiced since the first shoot, using the same type of equipment. The Royal Company has regularly shot for the Silver Arrow since 1868.

The Silver Arrow is normally on display during the summer months at Sir Walter Scott's Courtroom in Selkirk, but will be removed on the weekend of the shoot.


  • Competitors will be entertained to lunch at the Victoria Hall by Convener David Parker prior to the shoot.
  • The archers, in their full uniform – including the impressive eagle feather in the bonnet, and some of our members will then march to The Haining behind two traditional Halberdiers and the Selkirk Silver Band.
  • Shooting will continue until around 5.30pm when the Silver Arrow will be presented to the winner.
  • The company will then march back to the Courthouse where, after a General Salute, the order to dismiss will be given.
  • A mess dinner for the Royal Company and guests, including the Convener and our representatives, will be held in the evening at Bowhill at the invitation of the Duke of Buccleuch, Captain General of the Royal Company.

The Royal Company of Archers provides a formal body guard for Her Majesty at official state events such as:

  • Royal Garden Parties at the Palace of Holyroodhouse
  • the installation of new Knights of the Thistle
  • investitures and the opening of the Scottish Parliament

The Royal Company was constituted as an archery company in 1676 and was appointed The King’s Body Guard for Scotland (today The Queen’s) in 1822.

Further Information

For more information about the event or The Royal Company of Archers please contact Walter Simpson, Match Secretary, on [email protected] or 07762 612510.