Education Scotland acknowledge progress at St Ronan’s Primary and Nursery

Gold star award trophy

Published: Tuesday, 23rd April 2019

Education Scotland sees improvements at St Ronan’s primary and nursery provision in Innerleithen.

Following their original inspection in March 2018, they made a follow up visit to both settings recently when they spoke to children and worked closely with the headteacher and staff.

Growing staff confidence

The headteacher and promoted staff team are working effectively together in leading the school’s improvement priorities. This has resulted in:

  • Staff feeling confident in taking responsibilities and leading change.  
  • The senior leadership team sharing their strengths to benefit the school and nursery.
  • Teaching staff evaluating the quality of learning and teaching while in the nursery.
  • The team working very effectively together to develop and strengthen approaches to self-evaluation.

Across both teams, confidence had grown through taking an outward look to professional learning. This is leading to improved pace and progression in children’s learning.

Children and parents raising expectations

Children are increasingly taking roles of responsibility in the life of the school and for their own learning.

Partnerships with parents continued to be an important feature of the school’s success. St Ronan’s continues to be a hub of learning for its community. Parents and partners are supportive of developments and ideas through a variety of events.

Inspectors noted that expectations are being raised in terms of what children can achieve.

Overall, the standard and quality of children’s achievements is improving and most are making good progress. Children knew what they were expected to achieve and responded well to feedback from teachers and their peers about what they needed to do to improve.

Progress measured in Curriculum for Excellence

Work has been done to improve the school’s use of data to monitor children’s progress in Curriculum for Excellence leading to improved attainment for all. Effective systems were in place for tracking children’s progress across both settings.

Regular discussions with senior leaders are enabling teachers and practitioners to make increasingly confident judgements about the progress children are making.  An increased focus on the quality of learning and teaching and monitoring of children’s needs is leading to achievements and attainment data being more reliable.

Keith Belleville, St Ronan’s Primary School Headteacher

“Each member of the team here at St Ronan’s is delighted with the positive recognition received from the inspectors. We were very pleased that they could see the progress that we have made, and continue to make, on our school improvement journey. 

“Through dedication and hard work, the staff, along with the children, parents and partners, have shown that St Ronan’s continues to develop and grow as a hub of learning for Innerleithen and district. I am particularly pleased to note that our increased consistency in providing high quality learning and teaching has been recognised. We look forward to continuing on this positive journey together as a whole community.”

Dominic Finn, St Ronan's Parent Partnership Chair

“We are delighted that Education Scotland has confirmed the progress St Ronan’s is making on a whole range of improvement measures. This is testament to the hard work of all our staff and pupils. The Parent Partnership and all parents will continue to support the school to keep making improvements which benefit the pupils and community.”

Inspectors are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and no further visits in connection with this inspection will be made. 

St Ronan’s Primary and Nursery Education Scotland report 

Education Scotland is the national body responsible for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching from early years to adult and community learning.

Download the report from Education Scotland.