Education Scotland praise key strengths at Morebattle Primary

Morebattle Primary School pupils in uniform in front of notice board

Published: Monday, 22nd April 2019

The Education Scotland report on Morebattle Primary and Nursery Class released on 23 April has acknowledged a number of key strengths across the two settings.

During their visit to the school in March this year, inspectors talked to parents/carers and children and worked closely with the headteacher and his staff.

Morebattle Primary and Nursery strengths

The inspection team noted a number of strengths in the school’s work including:

  • the strong and effective leadership being provided by the headteacher
  • ensuring that all members of the school community were valued and respected
  • actively seeking the views of children, parents and staff in bringing about improvements

Children of Morebattle Primary and Nursery

Children were found to be

  • friendly, polite and enthusiastic
  • proud of their school and nursery
  • supportive of each other and eager to learn and do well

Relationships between children and staff were very positive.

Staff of Morebattle Primary and Nursery

Staff were working well as a team and creating a nurturing and caring ethos across the whole school community. They were showing commitment to ensuring the needs of all children were met and keen to engage in the process of change and school improvement.

Morebattle Primary and Nursery areas for improvement

Some areas for improvement were identified which are currently being addressed. This includes

  • continuing to engage children and staff in the development of high quality approaches to learning and teaching
  • providing more opportunities for children to lead their own learning
  • ensuring appropriate levels of pace and challenge for all
  • ensuring that children continued to be motivated and fully engaged in their learning

Adam Lindsay, Morebattle Primary School Headteacher

“I am delighted that the hard work of children, parents and staff to improve the quality of teaching and learning at Morebattle has been recognised. Our children are hard-working, positive and engaged, a real credit to their parents and the staff working with them. We look forward to continuing the journey of improvement, ensuring every child at Morebattle is able to reach their full potential through rich, enjoyable and challenging learning experiences.”

Tracy Hastie, Morebattle PTC Chairperson

“The school is making tremendous progress with the introduction of several learning tools which have engaged and assisted with pupils’ learning. Pupils are well supported with extra help always provided where required and staff continually looking at new ways to progress learning and assist pupils.

“Overall, I feel the recent inspection showcased our staff and pupils at their best, letting the inspectors see that Morebattle is a school with a homely, welcoming atmosphere where everyone is working together and supporting each other, all in the best interests of our pupils’ learning and achievements.”

Inspectors are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and no further visits in connection with this inspection will be made. 

Morebattle Primary and Nursery Education Scotland report 

Education Scotland is the national body responsible for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching from early years to adult and community learning.

Download the report from Education Scotland.