We’re ready for a European Parliamentary Election. Are you ready to vote?

your vote matters poster with info on how to register

Published: Wednesday, 17th April 2019

The European Parliamentary Election may take place in the UK on Thursday 23 May and plans are being prepared for the delivery of the poll and subsequent count on Sunday 26 May in the Scottish Borders.

Should the election take place, six MEPs will be elected to represent Scotland in the European Parliament.

Important deadlines

Voter registration

To be eligible to vote in the European Parliamentary Election the deadline for voter registration is midnight on 7 May. You can register:

Postal or proxy

If you cannot attend a polling station on election day you can:

  • apply to vote by post before 5pm on 8 May
  • appoint a proxy to vote on your behalf by 5pm on 15 May

Forms can be downloaded from our website or can obtained from the Electoral Registration Officer.

Postal vote distribution

Postal votes will be distributed in two batches:

  • the first on 7 May for those who registered to receive a postal vote before 29 April
  • the second on 15 May for those that register for a postal vote between 29 April and 5pm on 8 May

If you wish to change an existing postal or proxy vote the deadline is 5pm on 8 May.


You are eligible to vote in the European Parliamentary Election if you will be 18 or over on election day, and:

  • are a British, Irish or qualifying Commonwealth citizen permanently living in the UK, or
  • a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or certain Commonwealth countries and are resident in the UK

Citizens of the European Union (excluding the UK, Republic of Ireland, Malta or Cyprus) who wish to vote in this election in Scotland need to complete a separate application to vote, accompanied by a declaration stating that they will vote only in the UK.

Further information can also be found one the your vote matters website.

Tracey Logan, Local Returning Officer for the Scottish Borders count

“While it is still possible that this election will not take place in the UK, we have to be prepared and take all necessary steps to ensure that, should it happen, all aspects of the election run accurately and efficiently.

“Given the relatively short timescale, it is particularly important that people are aware of the dates for voter registration, for requesting or changing postal or proxy votes, and also when postal votes will be issued as this could impact on those who will be away prior to and over election day on 23 May.

“For those who do receive a postal vote, I’d ask that these are returned as soon as practical. Not only does this ensure that your vote counts, it also helps speed up the count process as all verification can be completed in advance.”