Education Scotland highlight key strengths at Howdenburn Schoolhouse

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Published: Tuesday, 26th March 2019

The Education Scotland report on Howdenburn Schoolhouse released on 26 March has acknowledged a number of key strengths across the two settings.

During their visit to Jedburgh in February this year, inspectors talked to parents/carers and young people and worked closely with staff.

Strengths in Howdenburn Schoolhouse

The inspection team found a number of strengths in the school’s work including the way in which young people were found to be benefitting from positive relationships with staff and each other. In addition, opportunities to learn and socialise with others in the Schoolhouse were resulting in important friendships.

There were also opportunities for young people to develop relevant life skills and achieve appropriate national qualifications, with almost all young people able to move successfully on to further education, training or employment when leaving school.

Areas for improvement

Some areas for improvement were identified which are currently being addressed. Staff are working to increase their expectations of what young people can achieve, including making sure that young people are appropriately challenged in all of their learning activities.

Other improvements included:

  • Approaches to planning, tracking and monitoring young people’s progress are being developed which have a clear focus on improving attainment and achievement for all young people.
  • Partnership working with parents and mainstream schools is being improved to enable young people to transfer skills to other contexts.

Overall inspection recommendation

Inspectors are confident that the school has the capacity to continue to improve and no further visits in connection with this inspection will be made. 

Louise Burn, Schoolhouse teacher

“We are pleased that the report highlights that approaches adopted at the Schoolhouse are leading to positive outcomes for young people in terms of their wellbeing and positive leaver destinations. The inspection team recognised that all staff are highly attuned to the wellbeing needs of each of our young people, leading to a supportive ethos of care and welfare across the school. We are fortunate to work with wonderful young people and very supportive parents and partners, who all highlighted ethos and culture as a key strength of our provision.

“We look forward to working with parents, mainstream colleagues and community partners in developing further opportunities for our young people.”

Further Information

  • Howdenburn Schoolhouse provides educational support for secondary aged pupils with complex additional support needs.
  • The report is available from Education Scotland, the national body responsible for supporting quality and improvement in learning and teaching from early years to adult and community learning.