Burnfoot Nursery enjoys family lunchtime service

Group of parents and children having lunch at table

Published: Friday, 22nd March 2019

Parents and carers of pupils who attend the nursery setting at Burnfoot Community School were invited to experience the special family service that is currently being served during lunchtimes.

The family service is an opportunity for children to sit down to a home cooked meal at a table setting while learning to take part in a social dining experience with the range of benefits that this can bring.


The family service offers benefits in learning things like:

  • social skills
  • table manners
  • sharing food
  • using cutlery properly
  • tasting different foods

The initiative is being rolled out in the nurseries in Burnfoot, Langlee and Chirnside as part of the expansion of early learning and childcare hours currently being implemented across the Borders. It will be extended to other settings from April 2019 to August 2020.

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More information about early learning and childcare provision is available on our website.

Parents or carers who would like to find out more about the family service initiative can contact the Nursery Liaison Coordinator on 01835 823663.

Councillor Carol Hamilton, Executive Member for Children and Young People

“The family service is another example of our dedicated staff wanting to make sure children attending our nurseries are able to enjoy and learn from a wide variety of experiences that will benefit them not only in their ongoing education, but also at home and in their communities.

“I understand that these mealtime experiences are enjoyed by all who take part, and it certainly seems that those parents and carers who came along to the school were in agreement about the benefits.”

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