Review of single person households who receive council tax discount

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Published: Wednesday, 13th March 2019

We are undertaking a review of all households in receipt of the single person occupancy council tax discount.

Single Occupancy Discount

A 25% discount is offered where there is only one adult aged over 18 resident in a property. Over 21,000 households across the Borders currently in receipt of the reduction.

We have an obligation to ensure that the discount is awarded correctly and is not being applied to anyone who is not eligible.

Single occupancy review form

A notice has been sent to all relevant householders along with this year’s annual council tax bill, which asks them to complete an online form confirming their current status. This is due to be received from 13 March 2019.

The form is available and should be completed by 31 March 2019.

Once the form has been completed:

  • If the householder reports that there has been no change to their circumstances, their discount will continue
  • If another occupant has moved into the property, or an existing resident has turned 18, the discount will no longer apply
  • In some cases the council tax payer may be entitled to a different discount based on the circumstances of the other adult or adults in the household

More information, including a list of FAQs, is also available on our website. 

Ask for help to complete the form

Anyone who requires help to complete the form should contact Customer Advice and Support Service during office hours on 0300 100 1800 or visit one of our contact centres. Advisors will complete the form on behalf of customers or provide a paper copy if required.

Single occupancy discount cancellation

The discount will be cancelled for any householders who do not respond.

Councillor Robin Tatler, Executive Member for Finance

“We would ask all householders in receipt of this discount to check their annual council tax bill and complete the online form as a matter of priority.

“Anyone who needs help to fill out the form, or would like to speak to someone about the review, should get in touch with one of our customer advisors who will be able to provide the advice they need.”