Changes to community recycling centres opening hours

Published: 15th February 2019

community recycling centres

Changes to the opening hours of community recycling centres in the Scottish Borders will be introduced from 1 April 2019.

The changes aim to ensure the service better meets the needs of the public, and is more sustainable for us.

Key changes

  • all community recycling centres will remain open at weekends, and will be open later to meet demand
  • all centres will be open later in summer to meet demand
  • April to September weekday hours will be 10am-6.45pm (open later in summer period) for all community recycling centres
  • October to March weekday hours will be 10am-4.45pm (shorter hours in winter period) for all community recycling centres
  • Selkirk and Eyemouth will close two weekdays per week (Monday to Friday) and all other sites will close one weekday per week (Monday to Friday)
  • when your local facility is closed, the nearest alternative facility will be open
  • all sites will shut from 1.15pm-2pm each day in order to allow staff to receive a lunch break

The changes follow an extensive review which considered waste survey results and community recycling centre user figures:

Waste survey

Received over 1.4k responses from members of the Borders public in 2016 and revealed 62% of people would manage if all community recycling centres were open less often.

A total of 46% of respondents also said they would use a community recycling centre if open later (between 5pm-7pm) in summer.

User figures

Community recycling centre statistics show user figures are 45% higher in the summer than the winter, with centres also used 11% more at weekends than weekdays.

The new opening hours will see a number of posts created, with overtime significantly reduced.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“These changes are based on extensive data gathered by the Council including the important opinions of Borderers, alongside the need for the local authority to make savings at an extremely difficult time for public funding.

“While there will be some weekday closures, every facility will be open later in the summer and during weekends, when demand is higher.

“We will be letting as many people as possible know about these changes before they begin on 1 April, and will be asking the public to continue to play their part and use our community recycling centres.

“These facilities are free to access for the public, and using them can help the environment and public funding, with the Council spending hundreds of thousands of pounds every year on waste which currently goes to landfill which could be recycled at our community recycling centres.”

New community recycling centre opening hours from 1 April 2019

Summer (First Monday in April to last Sunday in September)

Weekday (Monday to Friday):

  • Morning: 10am-1.15pm
  • Afternoon: 2pm-6.45pm

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday):

  • Morning:  9am-1.15pm
  • Afternoon: 2pm-4.45pm

Winter (First Monday in October to last Sunday in March)

Weekday (Monday to Friday):

  • Morning: 10am-1.15pm
  • Afternoon: 2pm-4.45pm

Weekend (Saturday and Sunday):

  • Morning: 9am-1.15pm
  • Afternoon: 2pm-4.45pm

Weekday closures from 1 April 2019

  • Duns - Thursday
  • Eshiels - Wednesday
  • Eyemouth - Tuesday and Friday
  • Galashiels - Tuesday
  • Hawick - Wednesday
  • Kelso -  Monday
  • Selkirk - Monday and Friday

Current opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm (Selkirk 10am-6pm), weekends, 9am-4pm (Selkirk 11pm-6pm).

More information

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