Hawick Flood Scheme community timber project opens

Published: 11th February 2019

Drone image of the River Teviot through Hawick

Local groups from across the Scottish Borders can now apply to put trees felled during the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme to good use.

The application form can be download now.


  • Interested community and charitable groups are invited to apply, outlining the details of a project which would use some of the timber and how it would benefit the local community.
  • The deadline for submissions is Monday 8 April
  • Applicants will then be advised if they have been successful by the end of May 2019.
  • The application process will be run in two phases, with this phase offering tree trunks to Borders-wide groups from land we own.
  • The second phase will follow on later this year once further trees are felled in the autumn
  • The timber is from tree felling works which are required to allow the construction of the new defences in the town
  • Every tree that is removed will be replaced with two new trees as part of the landscaping strategy for the town.

To date, the site clearance and tree felling works have been undertaken on Mansfield Road, Weensland and the river banks between James Thomson Bridge and North Bridge. In November 2018 when we reviewed the scheme’s progress and re-profiled its programme, a decision was taken to postpone the remaining tree felling works until autumn 2019 to minimise impact on the town’s landscape.

Councillor Gordon Edgar, our Executive Member for Roads and Infrastructure

“I would encourage community and charitable groups to come forward with their ideas, and to speak to us if they have any queries or need more information to help complete their application forms.

“We are really keen that this timber is put to good use, and would welcome a wide variety of ideas from across the Borders.”

About the Hawick Flood Protection Scheme

The Hawick Flood Protection Scheme will deliver protection from a 1 in 75 flood event to over 900 residential and commercial properties at risk along the River Teviot and Slitrig Water, as well as multiple benefits for the community.

The Scheme will also deliver multiple benefits to the town of Hawick, maximising the cultural, heritage, educational, environmental, energy and health opportunities in partnership with the community and external organisations.

This has included the creation of Community Vision and Traffic Management working groups to ensure key community stakeholders can help shape the project.

Due to the scale of the works, the project has now been divided into six elements, which are:

  • The Flood Protection Scheme, approved in December 2017;
  • An Advanced Works Contract to be completed before the Main Works takes place;
  • A new wall at Commercial Road which will be both a flood wall and part of the A7 Trunk Road and thereby jointly delivered by the scheme and Transport Scotland;
  • A new pumping station within the waste-water treatment works delivered for Scottish Water;
  • A major investment in a sustainable travel network delivered in partnership with SUSTRANS (including pedestrian and cycle pathways, new bridges, and associated infrastructure);
  • New community park and civic areas (including Little Haugh, Common Haugh, Weensland)

More information

Further details on the scheme are available at the website and Facebook page.