Recovery programme available for mothers and their children

Group of young people accepting award

Published: Tuesday, 08th January 2019

Women and children who have been the victims of domestic abuse are being encouraged to find out more about a groupwork programme being offered by the Council’s Safer Communities Team.


CEDAR (Children Experiencing Domestic Abuse Recovery) is a 12 week concurrent programme for children and their mothers.

Trained facilitators work with mothers and children to help them with their recovery.

Recovery programme

The programme includes learning about issues like:

  • anger
  • abuse
  • how to cope
  • how to stay safe
  • how to rebuild their relationships

Hear how CEDAR helps young people

A short film highlighting the journey taken by a group of eight children and young people who have been through the programme was launched last year.

Me, My Mum and CEDAR was made in conjunction with local film production company, VOMO.

CEDAR has been available in the Borders since 2013. To date there have been 177 referrals, with 98 children and young people and 68 mothers going on to take part. 

Putting children first

One of CEDAR’s main strengths is the way in which it supports recovery from domestic abuse by helping mothers to see the abuse through the eyes of their children. To do this, they each attend separate groups, with mothers learning what their children are doing and how to use the CEDAR group tools together at home.

Benefits of completing CEDAR

Women and children who have completed the programme say that the shared experience has helped them to feel less alone. They also felt that communication within their families had improved and relationships were stronger.

Graduate of CEDAR (anonymous)

“I was nervous and anxious about going into a group setting but once I met the other families, I realised we were all in the same situation and all wanted the same outcomes for our children. I am so glad that I completed the 12 weeks. The relationship and communication I have with my son has improved a lot and we no longer feel blame or guilt for experiencing domestic abuse.”

Councillor George Turnbull, Executive Member for Community Safety

“This programme continues to provide a unique and vital source of support for women and children who have gone through an extremely difficult life experience, the complexity and impact of which should never be underestimated. The feedback received from all of those who have taken part clearly shows how helpful and supportive they have found the process to be, and I would encourage anyone else who feels they would benefit to get in touch to find out more.”

Referrals now open for next CEDAR group

The service is currently taking referrals for the next CEDAR groups. They particularly want to hear from anyone who is a mother of a child aged 4-16, with a memory of domestic abuse and who feels they are currently living in a safe environment. The next groups will commence in late February 2019 – exact dates to be confirmed.

Further information

Contact the CEDAR Co-ordinator online to find out more about the project.

Anyone who is currently experiencing domestic abuse can call the 24 hour National Domestic Helpline on 0800 027 1234 or see our website for details of other local resources available.

In an emergency, call 999.