Health and Social Care Partnership consulting on draft plan for carers

Published: Wednesday, 19th December 2018

The Health and Social Care Partnership would like to raise awareness of the consultation being held on the draft plan for carers covering the period 2019/22.

Carers: Living Well in the Scottish Borders

Carers: Living Well in the Scottish Borders is primarily for adult carers and has been developed with input from:

  • local carers
  • the Borders Carers Advisory Board
  • staff from across the Partnership, including the Borders Carers Centre and Borders Care Voice.

A separate plan is being prepared in relation to young carers.

Five key ambitions for carers

The plan sets out proposals for:

  • supporting the health and wellbeing of adult carers
  • helping to make caring in the Borders more sustainable.

It is based on five key ambitions to enable carers:

  • to have improved health and wellbeing
  • feel they can manage their caring role
  • feel they are valued by services
  • are able to plan for the future
  • have the support they need to maximise their finances and benefits.

It builds on work achieved through the previous plan, Caring Together 2018/19, with comments received incorporated into the revised version.

Take part in the consultation

The consultation is open until 8 February 2019 and all feedback is welcomed.

Download a copy of the plan and take part in the online questionnaire

Paper copies are available from the People Information Management Team on 01835 825080.

Rob McCulloch-Graham, Chief Officer Health and Social Care Integration

“The Partnership is deeply committed to not only providing services that support the health and wellbeing of carers in the Borders but also enabling them to participate in and contribute to the communities they live in.

“The strategy sets out a range of proposals that will help us to achieve this, along with our overall aim of doing all we can to improve and develop opportunities for carers.

“It has been developed with input from a wide range of local stakeholders who are to be thanked for their contributions. What we need now is for people to consider the plan carefully and provide their comments. Their feedback is extremely important so we can make sure we have everyone’s views on the proposals.”

Lynn Gallacher, Borders Carers Centre Manager

“In these difficult economic times it more important than ever that carers have a strong voice and are aware of the support that is available to them and how to access it. The Living Well Plan was developed in partnership with local carers and the Scottish Borders Carers Advisory Board, and we hope it fully reflects the views and opinions of carers from across the region. We have also tried to make it realistic and achievable in its vision, as well as being aspirational in its aim to improve and support identification, awareness and a healthy care/life balance.”

Feedback from the consultation will be incorporated into the final version of the plan. This will be presented to the Partnership’s Strategic Planning Group for approval before it is published.