Enhanced day support provision to be provided for adults in Berwickshire

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Published: Monday, 10th December 2018

The Scottish Borders Health and Social Care Partnership is introducing a local area co-ordination (LAC) approach for adults and older people in the Berwickshire area.

It is also developing an enhanced day service within Eyemouth Day Hospital. This service will provide joint health and social care support for older adults with complex needs and people living with several long term conditions.

Helping people to remain in their own homes

This will be offered through a combination of short term and long term support with the aim of avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions and enabling people to remain at home. Local area coordinators will be part of the staff team and available to support service users to access activities and opportunities in the community where these would be beneficial.

Both moves are a result of a review of the older adult day service provision held in the area over the past 18 months which involved widespread consultation with Berwickshire communities. Feedback received from the process found that there was an increasing need for more varied opportunities than those provided by the traditional day service model. This is supported by an increasing uptake of direct payments that give people more choice and control over how they spend their time and personal budget.

The new provision is also in line with the key priorities set out in the Partnership’s Strategic Plan for 2018-21. These include a commitment to:

  • improving the health of people in the Borders
  • reducing the number of hospital admissions
  • improving the capacity within local communities for people to better manage their own conditions
  • supporting those who care for them

Community Capacity Building team across the Scottish Borders

Options for similar models are being explored and once agreed, will be rolled out across the remainder of the Borders.

Find out more about the opportunities provided by the Community Capacity Building team and Local Area Co-ordination service

Rob McCulloch-Graham, Chief Officer Health and Social Care Integration

“The LAC approach is already proving successful for people with a learning disability and those with mental health needs and we are confident that it will be equally beneficial for other older adults living in Berwickshire. It will also build on and expand the work already developed by our Community Capacity Building team, who co-ordinate a wide range of popular activities and volunteering opportunities in the area, and our ongoing aim of providing a more integrated day services model across our combined health and social care services.”

Councillor Tom Weatherston, Executive Member for Adult Social Care

“These new opportunities in Berwickshire with their focus on early intervention and prevention are not only in line with the objectives of the Partnership’s Strategic Plan but are also in response to what people have said they are looking for in terms of ways to support their health and wellbeing in their local communities. We have seen evidence of this in the declining numbers attending traditional day services and the corresponding increase in those enjoying the wide range of community-based activities that are now available. The new LAC service will enable more people to access these opportunities while the enhanced day unit will provide the type of support required by those with more complex needs.”