Inspection report on Eyemouth Primary, Nursery Class and Early Years Centre published

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Published: Thursday, 06th December 2018

The joint Education Scotland and Care Inspectorate report released on 4 December has acknowledged a number of key strengths across both settings.

During their visit to East Berwickshire in September, the inspectors spoke to parents, carers and children and worked closely with the headteacher and staff.

Summarised inspection findings

Download the inspection findings summary

They found the children to be polite and courteous pupils who were willing to learn and ready to take more responsibility for their own learning. Staff across all three settings are keen to engage in the process of change and improvement to secure positive outcomes for all children.

The inspectors also identified a number of areas for improvement which have been discussed with the headteacher and ourselves. There were also four recommendations identified in relation to the nursery setting.

Actions to improve

An action plan has been developed to ensure that all issues raised are taken forward as a matter of priority and we will continue to work together with inspectors regarding the school’s capacity to improve. A follow up inspection will be carried out within 12 months.

Jayne Waite, Eyemouth Primary School Headteacher

“I am very pleased that the inspectors recognised the strengths of our children in Eyemouth, as well as the commitment of our staff toward achieving positive outcomes for them.

“We have already put robust plans in place to address the points for action outlined in our report and over the next 12 months will be working closely together to ensure these are delivered so we can continue to provide the best experiences we can for all our children.”

Carrie Haddow, Eyemouth Primary Parent Council Chairperson

“I am delighted that our children have been recognised for their good behaviour and willingness to learn. As a parent council we will continue to support the school with the improvements required to ensure that they are all given the opportunity to achieve their full potential.”

Identified areas for improvement

The areas for improvement identified by Education Scotland were:

  • Develop clearer leadership, and evaluate better the work of the school to ensure improved outcomes for all children, across the nursery and primary school.
  • Improve learning, teaching and assessment across the school and nursery, ensuring an appropriate level of pace and challenge. Children should be given opportunities to lead their own learning and be more involved in evaluating their own progress and next steps.
  • Raise attainment for all children. Approaches to raising attainment should include making effective use of relevant information on children’s progress, and robust tracking and monitoring of children’s progress in learning and achievement.
  • Develop a curriculum that is relevant to the whole school’s context. This should support children in the nursery and primary school to make progress and develop appropriate knowledge and skills as they move through the school. 

The Care Inspectorate’s recommendations for the nursery class were:

  • To help ensure that there is good quality information available about each child which can be used by staff to meet care and support needs. The management team should further develop the information gathered about children, to meet care and support needs, and this should be reviewed at least once every six months.
  • To ensure that the administration of medication is carried out in a safe way, a medication procedure should be developed and followed by staff. This procedure should take account of local authority guidance and good practice information.
  • To assess how well the service is meeting positive outcomes for children, the service should develop self-assessment procedures, using good practice and current guidance. This evidence-based assessment should then be used to identify priorities for improvement.
  • To promote consistency and good practice across the staff team, the service should develop a system for auditing and monitoring the work of the nursery. 

An assessment of the primary school estate undertaken during 2017 agreed that Eyemouth Primary (along with Earlston) will be prioritised for investment due to concerns about the increasing roll and condition of the buildings. Consultation events were held in March 2018 to give the Berwickshire community the chance to provide feedback on the proposals, which was then incorporated into the plans. Progress has since been made with the design of the site layout and building specification with an update report due to be presented to the Council’s Executive in January 2019. Further local engagement will then be held and the next steps agreed.